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Walter P. Moore

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Main Office:
1301 McKinney, Suite 1100
Houston, Texas 77010
United States

Additional Offices: 
Austin, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Las Vegas, Nevada
Los Angeles, California
The Woodlands, Texas
Washington, D.C.
Location Map

Engineering Services
Civil Engineering
Façade Engineering
Intelligent Transportation Services
Research and Development
Secure Design
Structural Engineering
Traffic Engineering
Transportation Engineering

“In retrospect, hard times bring big opportunities. If times didn’t get much harder than 1931, the year of our founding, the opportunities that sprang up in later years were never bigger. Engineering and technology were constantly challenged to rise to the occasion. And rise they did in response to unprecedented changes, from unbridled urbanization and ever more devastating natural catastrophes to transportation gridlock (on the ground and in the air); economic and technology pressures on the nation’s healthcare system; an insatiable demand for bigger, grander sports complexes; the necessity for greening and sustainability in the built environment; and the unpredictable impact of an emerging global economy.

Walter P Moore evolved with the times and in direct response to all of the possibilities. Our expansion to other cities and the diversification of our engineering services began in the 1950s, during America’s post-war boom. This growth led directly to one of modern engineering’s most spectacular milestones, the world’s first major domed stadium. As structural engineer of the Houston Astrodome, we helped usher in a new era in professional sports and created our own benchmark for future innovation.” [Source]

Selected Projects:

Samba Facade
Samba Bank Tower – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Cowboys Stadium
Cowboys Stadium – Arlington, Texas

Cobb Perfmorming
Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre – Atlanta, Georgia

King Abdullah
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology – Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

Boston Convention Center
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center – Boston, Massachusetts

Bank of America
Bank of America Corporate Center – Charlotte, North Carolina



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