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BSA LifeStructures

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UCHealth Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver
Children’s Mercy Research Institute
Engineering and Polytechnic Gateway Facility
Robotics Laboratory – UT Austin
Undergraduate Sciences Programs – Butler University
MHP Major Hospital

Austin, TX
Denver, CO
Indianapolis, IN
Kansas City, KS
Raleigh, NC
St. Louis, MO
Tampa, FL

Systems Engineering
Interior Design
Integrated Design

Number of empolyees (2021)

Since 1975, BSA LifeStructures has dedicated itself to bringing facilities to life, creating facilities that support and enhance the practices of healing, learning and discovery as well as the people dedicated to them. With a balanced blend of inspired creativity, evidence-based design and years of experience, BSA LifeStructures has created facilities for some of the nation’s top healthcare, higher education and research institutions.


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November 8, 2021 at 2:11 am

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