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Schober, Hans

Spotlight: Hans Schober

Contractors Philipp Holzmann AG
Schlaich Bergermann and Partner

Engineering Specialties:
Structural Engineering
Spanning Structures
Glass Structures
Lightweight Tensile Structures

Hans Schober was born in Ludwigsburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Deutschland in 1943. He earned his PHD from the University of Stuttgart in structural engineering. He also served as a scientific assistant and lecturer at the Institute for Concrete Structures at Stuttgart.

Schober started at Schlaich Bergermann and Partner in 1982 as a senior engineer. He worked his way up and eventually became a partner at SBP in 1992. In 2005, he started and presided the New York branch where he continues to work to this day. Prior to his work at SBP, he worked as a structural engineer at Contractors Philipp Holzmann AG. At SBP, he has been a leader of many innovative projects in the fields of glass structures, cable and lightweight structures and bridges. Some of his projects include the New Trade Fair in Milan (consultant), the Berlin Hauptbahnhof railway station, the roof of the railway station Berlin Spandau, the glass roof for the Hippo House in the Berlin Zoo, the DZ Bank in Berlin, Deutches Historisches Museum in Berlin, Time Warner Center in New York City and Moynihan Station in NYC. Of the papers he has helped author include “Innovative Applications of Glass in Structures,” “Freeform Glass Structures,” and “Innovations with Glass, Steel and Cables.”

Selected Projects:

Time Warner Center, New York City, New York

German Historical Museum Expansion, Berlin, Germany

The Hippo House, Berlin Zoo, Germany

DZ Bank, Berlin, Germany

Moynihan Station, New York City, New York



Written by Mike Carrell

January 31, 2011 at 6:27 pm

Posted in Engineers