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Widdison, Alex


Engineering Specialties:
Structural Engineering

Spotlight: Alex Widdison (need birthday- )
Born in York, U.K., Alex Widdison followed his interests in his early school work, taking courses in mathematics, science, and geography. Interested in applying his interests, Alex went on to study civil engineering at the University of Nottingham. Once he graduated in (need year), Alex went straight to work at Atkins, an engineering, design, and project management firm. Shortly thereafter, Alex made a move to work at Adams Kara Taylor (AKT II) where he was immediately given responsibility on the Angel Building project in the U.K.. As of 2013, Alex has worked at AKT for five years and has undertaken several large projects including The Angel Building, Stone Towers, Bloomberg Office, and various design competitions.

Selected Projects:
Angel Building Street View
The Angel Building – London, U.K.

stone towers
tone Towers – Cairo, Egypt

bloomberg office
loomberg Office – London, U.K.

sloan street
loane Street – London, U.K.


Written by Cody Lambert

June 20, 2013 at 6:33 pm

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