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Conzett, Jürg

Jürg Conzett is the oldest of three namesake partners of Conzett, Bronzini, Gartman (CBG) AG. Born in 1956 in Schiers (Grisons, Switzerland), Conzett attended university at Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule (ETH) in Lausanne and Zurich where he studied civil engineering. He received his diploma in 1980. Conzett worked with acclaimed swiss architect Peter Zumthor in Hadelstein from 1981-1988. After his experience within architecture Conzett became an independent structrual engineering consultant. He is most noted for his design of bridges though he has designed many structures in Switzerland. Later he created Conzett, Bronzini, Gartman. (1)

Conzett is admired for his architectural consciousness when designing structural systems. Conzett also represented Switzerland at the 12th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale-the world’s most prestigious platform for showcasing contemporary architecture despite the fact that he is not an architect. He has also been awarded honorary membership to the Swiss Institute of Architects and of the Royal British Institute of Architects (RBIA). (2)

Structure as space – Engineering and Architecutre in the works of Jürg Conzett and his partners by Mohsen Mostafavi and Beitrag zu “Dialog der Konstrukteure” by Anita Flury are both books published about Jurg Conzett and his work.  (3)

Additional Projects:

Traversina Foot Bridge II, Viamala, Switzerland

Punt da Saransuns, Viamala, Switzerland


(1)Golini, CR. (2010). Jurg conzett: engineering matters:. Swiss News, (Issue 9), Retrieved from http://global.factiva.com/ha/default.aspx

(2)Brooks, G. (Ed.). (2008). Architectural engineers of the 20th and 21st century. Austin, TX. https://files.me.com/gregorybrooks/7ha2wl



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Conzett, Bronzini, Gartmann AG

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Schoolhouse Grono Grono (2010)

Expo Agricole Forum, EXPO. 02 Murten (2002)

New Apostolic Church
Zuchwil (2004)

Mastrils (1994)

Federal Criminal Court
Bellinzona (2013)

Klangkörper Schweiz EXPO 2000
Hannover (2000)

Chur, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

Bridge Design and Repair
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering

Number of employees (2021):

Conzett Bronzini Partner AG originated from its founder, Jürg Conzett, who started his own civil engineering office in 1988. In 1992 the firm became Branger & Conzett AG and in 1998 Conzett partnered with Gianfranco Bronzini and Patrick Gartmann to eventually form Conzett Bronzini Partner AG. This company specializes in building and bridge construction projects with exposed concrete, wood, steel and natural stone.

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