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Emersion Design

Clifton Cultural Arts Center
Wright Patterson Air Force Base Information Technology Complex
Takoma Properties Summit Innovation Center
Kennedy Heights Cultural Arts Center
UC Arena Design Competition
Alvar Aalto Foundation Museum Center Design Competition

Main Office:
Cincinnati, OH

Interior Design
Structural Engineering
Sustainability Consulting

Number of Employees:

Founded in 2007, Emersion DESIGN has since been one of the keenest advocates for sustainable architectural design. From net-zero energy to biophilic designs, the Cincinnati-based company has pushed the bar of sustainability in the field of architectural design to new heights. Most notably, Emersion DESIGN has along with others spearheaded the effort in making Cincinnati certify as a 2030 district, therefore compelling the district to be more carbon-neutral.


Written by Sherman Wong

November 12, 2021 at 6:05 pm

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