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McCarthy, Christopher

Spotlight: Christopher McCarthy
As of 2011, Christopher McCarthy still stands as an active director for Battle McCarthy Consulting Engineers & Landscaper Architects, which is now known as Battle McCarthy Limited [1]. Born on December 21, 1956 McCarthy holds a degree in Civil Engineering [2]. In 1993, McCarthy and Guy Battle founded Battle McCarthy Consulting Engineers & Landscape Architects, which is now known as Battle McCarthy Limited [1]. In 2001, he published Sustainable Ecosystems and the Built Environment with Guy Battle which focuses on buildings impact on the environment, new technologies applicable to the practice, and how to create healthy spaces through special attention to detail, such as colors [3]. He has also written over 30 articles which have been published in prestigious design journals [4]. McCarthy has worked alongside Ove Arup and also designed a sustainability plan for the island of Bahrain [5].

Selected Projects:





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Written by Erica Ortiz

January 31, 2011 at 6:28 pm

Posted in Engineers

Battle McCarthy

Main Office: London

Additional Offices: N/A

Number of Employees: 11-50

Engineering Specialties:
Building Services Engineering
Civil and Structural Engineering
Building Simulation
Landscape Architecture
Renewable Energy Systems
Research and Development
Sustainable Economic, Social and Environmental Development Frameworks
Sustainable Masterplanning
Sustainable Planning
Sustainable Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment
Health Impact Assessment

Founded in 1993, “Battle McCarthy Consulting Engineers & Landscape Architects,” was a partnership between Christopher McCarthy and Guy Battle. As of May 2000, the company is now known as Battle McCarthy Limited and is run by Christopher McCarthy, Jamie Hiller and Mark Adams with Guy Battle as the head consultant. Encompassing many specialties, the company has had a long standing commitment to sustainability and lead the way on the sustainability frontier.

Battle McCarthy’s strongly stands by their philosophy of blending skills to create innovative solutions to fit specific instances through analysis of computer and physical exploration data. The company is very successful as they place a substantial focus on a “reduction in operating costs and the conservation of energy.” There is a special emphasis placed on fully comprehending and advantageously utilizing the natural surroundings on site and taking this into consideration when selecting building materials and systems. The company also values education and this can be seen through their engineers who lecture and tutor.

In more recent years, Battle McCarthy Limited has teamed up with Imperial College in London, University College London, and Cambridge University to create environmentally healthy solutions to issues on the various campuses. Battle McCarthy received Building Services Engineer of the Year and won The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor’s Energy Efficient Building of the Year Award in1995. Extensive solar and wind analysis was conducted for a recent work known as Greenwich Millennium Village, where about the human on foot or bike had an advantage over the motor vehicle with the systems of streets created, ultimately bringing about more human contact.

Selected Projects:

Greenwich Millennium Village, London, UK

Holloway Circus Tower, Birmingham, UK

Incheon International Airport Transport Interchange, Seoul, South Korea

New Home Office Headquarters, London, UK

Written by Erica Ortiz

January 28, 2011 at 2:38 pm

Posted in Engineers