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Schlaich Bergermann and Partner

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Selected Projects:

Footbridge Sassnitz, Sassnitz, Germany
Moynihan Station, New York City, New York

DZ Bank, Berlin, Germany
The Hippo House, Berlin Zoo, Germany
German Historical Museum Expansion, Berlin, Germany
Time Warner Center, New York City, New York


Main Office:
Stuttgart, Germany

Additional Offices:
Berlin, Germany
New York City, New York, USA
São Paulo, Brazil

Number of Employees


Engineering Specialties:
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Facade Engineering
Roof Engineering
Spanning Structures
Glass Engineering
Membrane and Cable Structures
Complex Geometries
Solar Energy Utilization
Architecture & Design

Both Jörg Schlaich and Rudolf Bergermann previously worked at Leonhardt & Andrä before Schlaich left to open his own firm in 1980, originally known as Schlaich & Partner. Schlaich Bergermann & Partner now functions as a civil and structural firm geared toward designing sophisticated engineering structures including wide-span lightweight roofs, bridges, slender towers, and innovative solar energy power plants. The firm does not limit itself to a certain type of building in which to specialize, but rather seeks to “contribute to the building culture” by utilizing diverse structural materials and construction methods, aiming to be “all-rounders”. SBP focuses on achieving efficient, beautiful, and ecological designs by collaborating with design team architects and engineers from all fields. For Schlaich and Bergermann, “structural engineering means transforming the requirements of individuals and society into technically and economically feasible conceptions, using renewable energy to the greatest degree possible”. Since 2002 Schlaich Bergermann & Partner has been headed by Andreas Keil, Knut Göppert, Sven Plieninger, and Mike Schlaich.

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