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Conzett, Bronzini, Gartmann AG

Main Office: 
Bahnhofstrasse 3
7000 Chur

Number of Employees: 20

Engineering Specialties:
Structural Engineering
Bridge Design and Repair

Selected Projects:

Neuapostolische Church, Zuchwil, Switzerland

Werkhof Davos – Garage, Davos, Switzerland

Start-Up Offices – Grusch, Switzerland

Swiss School of Engineering for the Wood Industry- Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

Jurg Conzett, Gianfranco Bronzini, and Patrik Gartmann began their partnership in 1999 in Churn, Switzerland. Gianfranco Bronzini was born in 1967  and apprenticed in the engineering office of G. Caprez AG (1982-1986). Bronzini studied architecture and engineering at Technical School Rapperswil (1986-1989). He also worked at the engineering office G. Caprez AG (1990-1993) as well as at the Bureau of Lower Construction in Graubünden (1993-1994). Patrik Gartmann was born in 1968. Gartman apprenticed in the engineering office Melcherts & Branger AG, in Chur. Gartmann studied architecture and engineering at School of Engineering HTL, in Chur (1989-1994).  He worked as a CAD designer at the engineering office Chr. Franzun (1990-1994). Gartmann also studied architecture at School of Engineering HTL (1994-1998). Most of the firms popularity can be attributed to the bridge designs of Jurg Conzett in the firm’s native, Switzerland. (1)


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