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Stantec Inc.

Employees: 22,000

Main Office:
19 Technology Drive
Suite 200
Irvine, California

Additional Offices:
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Denver, CO
New York City, NY
Seattle, WA

Additionally, Stantec staffs 350 offices across 6 continents, and has offices in 48 of the 50 US states.
A comprehensive list of offices may be found here: Stantec Locations


Commercial Program Development
Culture and Heritage Resources
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Management
Facilities Planning & Operations
Geotechnical Engineering
Industrial Infrastructure Engineering
Infrastructure Management
Interior Design
Land Development Engineering
Land Planning
Landscape Architecture
Learning Products and Solutions
Mechanical Engineering
Municipal Engineering
Pavement Engineering
Process Engineering
Program & Project Management
Road & Highway Engineering
Strategic Management
Structural Engineering
Traffic Engineering
Transportation Planning
Visioning. Brands. Experiences.
Waste Management
Wastewater Conveyance
Wastewater Treatment
Water Resources Management
Water Supply
Water Treatment


Stantec was founded in 1954, beginning with water and sewage projects in Canada. It quickly expanded to transportation projects with jobs in Alberta and British Columbia. The Peace River Bridge redesign marked a significant jump in the firm’s reputation. It continued to grow in these fields of engineering and expand to new realms and acquired its first US office in Phoenix, Arizona in 1991. Since opening it has opened many more offices and broadened its work to include all aspects of civil engineering. Stantec currently has offices across the US and Canada and international offices in the UK, UAE, India, Barbados, Panama, and Puerto Rico.

California Academy of Sciences

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

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Carol Miller Justice Center

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