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Burns & McDonnell


Main Office:
9400 Ward Parkway
Kansas City, Missouri 64114
P: 816-333-9400

Additional Offices:
U.S. Offices
2 Texas Offices
in Houston and DFW
1 International Office in Doha, Qatar

Over 3,000 employees.


Started in 1898 by Clinton S. Burns and Robert E. McDonnell, two recent engineering gradatuates from Stanford University, ‘Burns & McDonnell, Consulting Engineers’ first offered (from Kansas City) clean water, power, and sanitary sewers to several towns in the midwest.  After Burns died in 1924, the company was renamed to ‘Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co.’ in 1930.  Over the years, it has heavily specialized in the Energy Sector  as well as military contract projects.

Selected Projects

GE Advanced Technology & Research Centre

USCENTCOM Headquarters

Joint Strike Fighter: Component Finish Facility

Route 19 Missouri River Bridge

Education City Student Housing Complex


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January 24, 2012 at 7:57 pm

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NORR / Ingenium Group

Parent Company:


Main Offices:

2 International Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9W 1A2
TEL: 416-675-5950

175 Bloor Street East
North Tower, 15th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4W 3R8

Additional Offices:

4 U.S. Offices:


7 International Offices:
Abu Dhabi
New Delhi


Building Conditions Audits
Document Management
Electrical Engineering
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Master Planning
Mechanical Engineering
Project Management
Relocation Management
Renewable/Alternative Energy Systems
Structural Engineering
3D Design/Engineering


Although the title of ‘NORR Limited’ (Neish Owen Rowland & Roy) has only been used since 1986, the firm’s partnerships and traditions harken back to 1938 when John B. Parkin started his private practice in Toronto.  By 1947, he was joined by Edmund T. Parkin (Brother) and John C. Parkin (no relation).  Roy Marshall joined as a partner, in 1970, when John C. Parkin left to create his separate ‘Parkin Architects Planners’.  NORR now operates as one of the largest design firms in Canada. (Source)

Selected Projects

Burj Khalifa

Al Hitmi Complex

Casino New Brunswick

Al Fattan Marine Towers

Atlantis: The Palm

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January 24, 2012 at 7:51 pm

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Main Office:
76-78 Old Street
London EC1V 9RU

Additional Offices:
109 U.S. Offices, 5 Texas Offices
3,600 staff in the US
25,000 Employees worldwide among 40 countries


Project Management
Environmental Services
New build
Operations & Maintenance
Supply Chain Management
Specialist Services
Training & Development
More Detail


(From Firm’s Website)
The company was first formed in 1848, when Matthew Hall opened a lead-work business in the UK. This later became the Matthew Hall Group of Companies. Separately, in 1883 Leonard Fairclough started a stone business in the UK, which expanded into construction at the turn of the century.
In 1982 Fairclough Construction merged with William Press (founded in 1913) to form AMEC plc. Six years later the Matthew Hall Group of Companies was incorporated into the AMEC Group.
More Detail

Selected Projects

Columbian Publishing Company office building

Milton CAT’s regional centre

Beatrice Wind Farm demonstrator project (world’s first deepwater wind farm)

Compressed Air System for Australian Paper

49.9MW Geothermal Plant

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January 20, 2012 at 8:04 pm

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Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.


Main Office:
1111 South Arroyo Parkway
Pasadena, California 91105
United States
+ 1.626.578.3500

Additional Offices:
170+ locations; 25+ countries
(120 U.S. Offices, 10 Texas Offices)


Construction and Field Services
Environmental, Health and Safety Services
Planning/Front End
Management Services
Modular Fabrication
Technology Services
More Detail


Founded in 1947 as Jacobs Engineering Co. by Joseph J Jacobs, the company started as an engineering consultant as well as a representative for manufacturers of process equipment.  Having largely expnaded its area of specialty in consulting, over 60 years, in engineering, architecture, construction, operations and maintenance, Jacobs has succesfully established itself as a highly admired Fortune 500 company.
More Detail

Selected Projects

(photos removed at the request of Jacobs Engineering)

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Enercon Services

5100 E Skelly Drive, Suite 450, Tulsa, OK 74135

Lone Star Offices:

Houston Office:
5850 San Felipe, Suite 400, Houston, TX 77057
Phone: 713 941-0401 Fax: 713 941-0402

Dallas Office:
12100 Ford Road, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75234
Phone: 972 484-3854 Fax: 972 484-8835

Other Locations:

Providing Services in:

Power, Environmental Consulting, Technical and Business, and Process and Industrial


Enercon was founded in 1983 in Tulsa Oklahoma. The company quickly grew to follow demand in the southeast wit its first new office opening in Atlanta Georgia in 1984. The company is still headquartered in Tulsa but has since expanded across the US with 18 offices and over 1100 professionals employed. In 1992 the company began an employee stock program and today is 100% employe owned.


Since Enercon work with highly sensitive projects, specific information about those projects cannot be exposed to the world. However some basic information is given below

Detailed Design & Engineering Services

Feasibility Studies

Disaster Recovery

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Main Office: Philadelphia, PA
Federal Reserve Bank Building
100 N. 6th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106-1590
215.923.2020 Tel

Additional offices located in Irvine, Ca; New York, NY; and Washington, D.C. Additonal office addresses can be found here.

Interior Design
Digital Media Group
Lighting Design

In 1958, Alexander Ewing, at the time working for his father’s firm, joined with the in house architect Stanley Cole in order to design the expansion of the Rohm and Haas offices in Philadelphia. Although initially the design ran into trouble due to the site’s inability to accomadate the needs of the company, Ewing and Cole managed to switch the location to a new site on Independence Mall, not far from the Liberty Bell. The resulting design recieved countless praise from the city due to it’s ability to expand while maintaining respect fro the park as well as the surrounding historic buildings.
In 1961 the firm was officially established as Alexander Ewing & Associates, with their headquartes in Philadelphia. Over the years the firm has taken on many partners including Michael P. Erdman, Joseph P. Eubank, Robert Cherry, and Robert Parsky, all the time changing the name of the company to their credit. But in 2003, following the death of partner Paul Brott and the departure of Bob Cherry, the firm took on the new name of EwingCole.


New Meadowlands Stadium- East Rutherford, NJ

Singapore Turf Club- Kranji, Singapore

Drexel University Recreation Center- Philadelphia, PA

University of PA Quadrangle Residences- Philadelphia, PA

Smithsonian Institution, NMNH Learning Center- Washington, D.C.

All information and photos were found from the EwingCole website. Additional information can be found on the company’s website, here.

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January 20, 2012 at 6:35 pm

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Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

Main Office Location:

303 Second Street, Suite 300 South; San Francisco , CA 94107

Phone: 415-243-2150

Other Office Locations:

25 U.S. locations including:: Seattle, Washington; Austin, Texas; Portland, Oregon; Las Vegas, Nevada; Honolulu, Hawaii; Denver, Colorado


Complete Engineering , Environmental Science, and Architectural services.


Co-founded by Henry N. Jenks and Clyde C. Kennedy in 1919 in San Francisco. The company helped pioneer consulting engineering in the western United States since its inception. Clyde led the firm in planning and designing many of Californias first community water and sewage systems. Later, David Kennedy joined the firm in 1965 and served as president and CEO from 1979 to 2007. Under David the company saw steady growth and expanded to the current 25 offices around the U.S. today. In every project undertaken Kennedy/Jenks Consultants strives to find the right mix of innovative and proven solutions, improve operations and reduce costs, provide engineering and scientific excellence, and protect the environment.   [1][2]

Selected Projects:

Utility System Relocation/Expansion; San Francisco International Airport; San Francisco, California

Railroad Fueling Facility, BNSF Railway; Kansas City, Kansas

Blair Waterway Widening, Port of Tacoma; Tacoma, Washington

Diesel Shop Expansion, BNSF Railway Company; Galesburg, Illinois

Evaluation and Planning, Locomotive Servicing Facilites


References:[1] http://www.kennedyjenks.com/pdf/Spotlights90th_8.5x11_sm.pdf

[2] www.kennedyjenks.com

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