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Burgess & Niple Inc.


700 Total Employees


Main Office
Columbus, OH

Additional Offices
Akron, OH
Austin, TX
Boise, ID
Cincinnati, OH
Dallas, TX
Evansville, ID
Fort Worth, TX
Harrisburg, PA
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, ID
Louisville, KY
Norfolk, VA
Orlando, FL
Painesville, OH
Parkersburg, WV
Phoenix, AZ
Portland, OR
Richmond, VA
San Antonio, TX
Tampa, FL
Washington DC

Architectural Design
Master Planning
Site Development
Environmental Sciences
Anti-Terrorism Force Protection
Landscape Architecture
Interior Design
Utilities Design
Paving Design
Sustainable Design
Energy Conservation


B&N was established in 1912. On the most fundamental level, their job is listening to clients and translating their visions into structures and infrastructure that work – today and long into the future. They are innovative problem solvers with extensive resources and an award-winning track record.

Source – http://www.burgessniple.com/AboutBN/

Selected Projects:

Sohar Airport, Oman

Clark State Sara T. Landess Center, Ohio

Anderson Center, Ohio

Red Robin Restaurant , Virginia

Discovery Bridge, Ohio

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