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SSOE Group



1001 Madison Avenue Toledo, OH 43604
Telephone: (419) 255-3830

Other Locations:

U.S. Locations: Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, California, Michigan, Tennessee, Nebreaska, Arizona, Washington, North Carolina, Minnesota, Washington D.C.
International Locations: China, Brazil, India.
For specific locations and offices see: http://www.ssoe.com/ssoe-locations/


Design, Engineering, Construction/Project Management, Technology services, Energy, Procurement, Site Selection, Data/Fire Security, Master Planning.


Al Samborn, a Structural Engineer, decided to become a founder of an engineering firm in 1948, following his military service.  He determined to create a firm based upon excellent project delivery.  Later throughout the firms years, engineers Jack Steketee, Burrie Otis, and John Evans joined the firm and developed it as a full A/E firm called SSOE.  Around the 1960’s, roughly 15 years following the firms founding, it began gaining national recognition, especially in the midwest as they began integrating advanced technologies into their practices.  In 2005, SSOE opened its first international office in china.  This office now houses the largest SSOE office outside of the U.S.  In 2008, SSOE began hiring construction managers and is currently providing all the services necessary in the design and construction of a building.  Today, SSOE embraces change as it constantly transforms and develops into the international community.

Selected Projects:

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Cancer Center

Volkswagen Chattanooga Assembly Plant

Goodyear Dalian Production Company (no image found)

Pearl City FoodPort first-of-its-kind sector specific SEZ for food processing (no image found)

National Security Campus in Kansas City, MO (no image found)

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January 19, 2012 at 8:32 pm

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