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Mustang Engineering, Houston, Texas

Mustang Engineering, Houston, Texas
4,000+ Employes
AutoCAD is used

Main Office:
East Building
16001 Park Ten Place
Houston, TX 77084
phone: 713-215-8000
map & directions

Additional Offices:
17000 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas 77094
phone: 713-215-8000
map & directions

Horseshoe Building
17900 Park Row
Houston, TX 77084
phone: 713-215-8000
map & directions

1441 Park Ten Blvd
Houston, TX 77084
phone: 713-215-8000
map & directions

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Mustang, a dream of three young engineers, came to life in July of 1987. Paul Redmon, Bill Higgs and Felix Covington met while working together at another company. They witnessed the oil industry bust and the negative effects it had on its employees. With the desire to have a different company that possessed security and personal growth for its employees, they made the decision that would change all of our lives.”Mustang” stood out in all their hearts, as a symbol of strength, courage, independence, and unquestionable energy, which also describes the three men.

For more information go to http://www.mustangeng.com/AboutMustang/Pages/default.aspx

 Selected Projects:

BP GOM Deepwater Development Program

CHS, Inc. Delayed Coker Project, Laurel, Montana

Gulf Coast Refinery Advanced Process Control

Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, Lincoln, Alabama

INVISTA, 50 Plants Worldwide

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