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Gulf Interstate Engineering Co., Houston, Texas

Gulf Interstate Engineering Co., Houston, Texas

420+ employies
Forms of AutoCAD are used
Masters is not required to work

Main Office:

Gulf Interstate Engineering
Gulf Plaza
16010 Barkers Point Lane, Suite 600
Houston, TX 77079-9000 USA
Attn: Business Development Dept.
Phone Number:  713.850.3400
E-mail:      info@gie.com

Additional Offices:

Gulf Interstate Engineering Canada, Inc.

United Kingdom
Gulf Interstate Engineering (UK) Limited

Gulf Interstate Engineering Branch Office in Russian Federation
1 Zagorodnoe shosse, Suite 902
Moscow, 117152, Russian Federation

Office: 7 495 785 0892
Boris Taksa, Vice President

Coordination Office




Gulf Interstate Engineering serves the worldwide pipeline industry, providing project management, engineering, procurement and construction management for hydrocarbon transportation systems from the wellhead to the export terminal. Our professionals are known for their extensive experience and are experts in engineering all aspects of oil and gas production facilities, transportation systems and storage facilities and have contributed to the success of some of the world’s most complex oil and gas projects, many with demanding environmental requirements in some of the harshest natural conditions.Since our formation in 1953, we have achieved a reputation for producing practical, cost-effective and unique solutions to difficult design problems, large and small.

For more information go to http://www.gie.com/about_us/index.php

Selected Projects:

Compressor Stations

Export, Storage, and Loading Systems

Pipeline Systems

Production and Processing Facilities

Pump Stations

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