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Tetra Tech Inc.

-13,000 Employees
-Varying Degree Requirements by Position
– Use Autodesk Revit

Location: Pasadena, California

Corporate Headquarters
3475 East Foothill Boulevard
Pasadena, California 91107-6024
Phone: (626) 351-4664
Fax: (626) 351-5291

– 12 Texas Offices
-Over 330 offices worldwide:  Find Offices

-Technical Support
-Engineering and Architecture
-Remediation and Construction

Tetra Tech, Inc. was founded in 1966 to provide engeering and consulting services to harbors, waterways, and coastal areas. Over the past few decades, the company has grown drastically and has expanded its business in many areas. Tetra Tech Inc. now provides environmental, water/wastemanagement, and infrastructure services as well as security design and other technical services. Today, the complany employees over 13,000 people from all around the world. The goal of Tetra Tech, Inc. is to strive for clear sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life.
Source – Tetra Tech, Inc.

Selected Projects

Battery Park Green Building – New York City, New York

3-D Modeling for Savannah Harbor – Savannah, Georgia

19 Solar Farms Project Portfolio – Ontario, Canada

Bonneville Lock and Dam – Portland, Oregon

Iraq Overhead Coverage System – Iraq

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