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Middough Inc., Cleveland, Ohio




Total number of Employees for all offices: 850
Engineering degree requirements: None of the positions require a masters, but advanced degrees are preferred whenever possible.
Autodesk Revit use: yes

Main Office:
1901 East 13th Street, Suite 400
Cleveland, OH 44114
ph: 216.367.6000 | fax: 216.367.6020

Additional Offices: 10
Ashland, KY
Atlanta, GA
Buffalo, NY
Chicago, IL
Corning, NY
Detroit, MI
Houston, TX
Northwest, IN
Philadelphia, PA
Toledo, OH

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Life Science
Middough manages services worldwide and deals with a wide variety of design projects.
For more information visit http://www.middough.com/Business.aspx

Founded in 1950 by William Vance Middough, Middough Inc. is a private, nationally ranked engineering, architectural, and management services company providing full-service from major projects to consulting for a range of requirements between small and global organizations. Middough excels as a flexible project management and technology organization that specializes in delivering complex processes and facilities. Our technical expertise is based on a broad spectrum of Architecture, Industrial, Life Science and Process experience. Middough works with world-class clients to develop high-performance teams and deliver value added services worldwide through an integrated national network of regional and local offices. Middough’s commitment to performance is based on strong relationships, retaining the best talent and investing in a rigorous culture of development.

Selected Projects:








NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH







Abbott Laboratories, Vascular Division Temecula, CA








Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation, Cell Culture Suite and Powder Vaccine Facility, Rockville, MD








Panda Express, New Store Roll-out, Multiple Locations Nationally






Corporate Center, Independence, OH

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