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Taller de Arquitectura, Ricardo Bofill

Av. Industria, 14
08960 Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona) SPAIN
Other headquarter locations:

Contact Information:
Phone. +34 93 499 99 00
Fax: +34 93 499 99 50

Areas of Speciality:
Urban Design
Landscape Design

History of Taller de Arquitectura:

Taller de Arquitectura is an architecture firm founded by Ricardo Bofill in 1963. It is a group of architects, engineers, sociologists and philosophers with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. The team works on a variety of projects including city planning, transport, housing, offices and landscape design in many countries across the world. Taller de Arquitectura has shown their skill in design by creating many buildings that reflect properties of their surroundings with modern touches, and coming up with creative solutions to issues like low income housing as demonstrated by the design of Walden 7. The team has shown its diverse skills by working with a variety of styles and projects, including the cubic design of Kafka’s Castle, and the renovation of an old cement factory into the team’s headquarters in Barcelona.

Bofill’s History:

Ricardo Bofill, the founder of Taller de Arquitectura, was born in Barcelona in 1939. He studied architecture in Geneva, Switzerland. Bofill worked with his father who was also an architect until he formed the multidisciplinary Taller de Arquitectura firm. Bofill’s early works can be classified as Neo-Expressionism and Neo-Realism, once the firm was founded, the team began to experiment with many other styles of design.

Selected Works:

Cartier Head Office

A Coruna Convention and Exhibition Center

Costes K Hotel

Casablanca Twin Center

Landmark Building




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