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Sidell Gibson Architects

London Office:

Holford Mews,
Cruikshank Street,
London, WC1X 9HW, UK.

TEL +44 (0) 20 3179 9000
FAX +44 (0) 20 3179 9001

Blog http://sidellgibson.blogspot.com/

Sidell Gibson Careers:
EMAIL careers@sidellgibson.co.uk
WEBSITE http://www.sidellgibson.co.uk/contact-us/careers.php

Additional Offices:
Birmingham, UK

Full Architectural Service
Conservation and Restoration
Interior Design
Landscape Design
Sustainable Design
Urban Planning


Year Established: 1971

For 35 years, Sidell Gibson Architects has been providing architectural services to both the UK and countries abroad, including Germany, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, and Iran. The company is an architecture firm but has become known for its specialty work in sustainable design and historical conservation. In the former, the firm’s most notable achievement to date was the development of the Ashford ZED Homes – the first major commercial zero fossil fuel development in the UK that promises to be a model for the government’s intent in future development modeling. In the latter, the most visible project completed to date was the complete refurbishment of St. George’s Hall in Windsor Castle after it was destroyed by fire in the early 1990s. Along with the careful design of some additional spaces, Sidell Gibson won multiple international awards for the work done on the space (shown below).

The firm recently welcomed John Miller + Partners and Crouch Butler into the practice.

Selected Works

Refurbishment of St. George’s Hall, Windsor Castle, UK

The Patent Office, London, UK

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK

Ashford ZED Homes, Kent, UK

Sir John Lyon House, London, UK

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