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Eric Owen Moss

Eric Owen Moss Architects
8557 Higuera Street
Culver City, CA 90232
phone: (310) 839-1199
fax: (310) 839-7922
He received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1965. Moss continued his education, earning his Masters of Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley, College of Environmental Design in 1968 and a second Masters of Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design in 1972.  (1)
Architectural Specialties:
University facilities, office buildings, corporate headquarters, cultural institutions, theaters, galleries and exhibition spaces, restaurants, urban fabric and public space. (2)


Eric Owen Moss was born in Los Angeles, California; he later went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts there in 1965. Moss continued his education and  received his second masters in 1972. For over 30 years he has worked on many building and has changed the face of architecture as we know it. His designs are innovated and complex. Many of the structures consist of abstract shapes that uses glass to transform the building into something like no other. The structures are  definitely different from the usually rectangular building that people usually see, his building have a curve to them. It is almost as if his building come to life because they just have such a fluid motion to them. Eric Moss has gotten many awards based for his innovation works. Working with colleges, theaters, galleries and much more; we will continue to see more and more of the firms work in the future.

The Spa

Queens Museum of Art

Mariinsky Cultural Center, New Mariinsky Theater

Conjunctive Points Theater Complex

Samitaur Tower


(1) http://www.ericowenmoss.com/index.php?/people/bio/eric_owen_moss_faia

(2) http://www.ericowenmoss.com

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August 31, 2011 at 5:54 am

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