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Calatrava, Santiago

Zurich, Switzerland
Paris, France
Valencia, Spain
New York City, USA

Structural Engineering
Sculpture and Art
Integrated Design
Train/Railway Stations



Santiago Calatrava Valls was born in Valencia, Spain on July 28, 1951. He began his studies in architecture at the Escuela Tecnica Superios de Arquitecture de Valencia in 1969 and later studied civil engineering in 1975. By 1979, he received a Doctorate in Technical Science from the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich, where he wrote his thesis titled: Concerning the Foldability of Spaceframes. Calatrava began his first architecture and engineering practice in Zurich, Switzerland in 1981. All of his work is readily characterized by its focus on architecture, engineering, and sculpture. Much of his career is dedicated to bridges and train stations, but their forms depict a language that is derived from natural forms and the human body. With strong gestures of form and unorthodox structural techniques, Calatrava’s style has been called by many as linking the seperation between structural engineering and architecture.  He has now established offices in Paris, Valencia, and New York in 1989, 1991, and 2004, respectively.

Selected Projects:

Turning Torso- Malmö, Sweden

Milwaukee Art Museum- Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Youtube video of movable Brise Soliel

Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay- Redding, California

Valencia City of Arts- Valencia, Spain

Light Rail Train Bridge- Jerusalem, Isreal

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