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Paul Andreu Architecte

Born in 1938 of Cauderan, France, Paul graduated from Ecole Polytechnique by 1961.  His career was primarily launched with the design of the first terminal for the Charles-de-Gaulle Airport in Roissy, France (completed by 1967).  He continued to produce further work for the Airport with successive projects that continued through the decades on into the 2000’s.  His contemporary style and expertise helped him expand his scope to other International Airports and transportaion facilities around the globe.  He also expanded his portfolio by the 1990’s to include Exhibitions, Sporting Facilities, Theaters, Museums, Hotels, and Casinos.  In the last decade-plus, Paul’s work has moved to focus more and more in the regions of Far East Asia.  These new devlopments have primarily occured in the growing districts of China.
Selected Projects:

Charles-de-Gaulle Airport Terminal 1, Roissy, France

Osaka Maritime Museum, Osaka, Japan

Technology and Science Enterprising Center, Chengdu, China

City of Europe, French Channel Tunnel Terminal, France

Oriental Art Center, Shanghai, China

Written by Mark Midgley

August 30, 2011 at 9:37 pm

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