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Thornton, Charles

Dr. Charles H. Thornton

Charles Henry Thornton was born on April 11, 1940 in Bronx, NY.
He received his B.C.E from Manhattan College in 1961 and earned his M.S.C.E from NYU in 1963. He started working part-time for Lev Zetlin while getting his masters degree, and received his doctoral degree in Structural Engineering in 1966 from NYU. Thornton continued working for Lev Zetlin after graduation and became employed full-time at Lev Zetlin & Associates (LZA). His first major project was for two giant hangars for American Airlines.⁶ Dr. Thornton later went on to co-found Thornton-Tomasetti in 1975.
Thornton is the founder of the ACE Mentor Program, a non-profit, NYC-based organization that offers guidance to inner-city high-school students in Architecture, Construction and Engineering.
As of January 1, 2005 Dr. Thornton, PhD., P.E. has founded a new company Charles H. Thornton & Company LLC (CHT&Co). They perform specialized consulting in “areas of management/marketing, concept structural design and structural investigative/expert witness services”. 1

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