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Kara, Hanif

Kara, Hanif- Adams Kara Taylor

Engineering Specialties:

Hanif Kara, structural engineer, design director and co-founder of AKT was born in Uganda and moved to London at the age of 14. Before AKT Kara held a wide range of jobs including designing North Sea oil rigs and fairground rides for Allot and Lomax, working for Anthony Hunt & Associates (where he would meet his future business partners), as well as becoming a dry-cleaning entrepreneur (1). Kara’s professional approach focuses on the incorporation of design into problem-solving and engineering, not just the physics. “Structural engineers do things in a contained, technically competent, way: they make buildings stand up. As a design engineer, you have to relax a bit more. And you can’t be afraid to use the word ‘beauty’” (2). Kara also edited a book called “Design Engineering AKT” which further explores the relationship between engineers and architects and how this relationship has evolved simulatneously with the development of information technology.

Some of Kara’s projects include the Peckham Library, the 17 time design award winning National Trust Headquarters in Swindon, and the Phaeno Science Center (collaboration with architect Zaha Hadid). Kara also holds great influence in the academic world by encouraging university students and young professionals. This has led him to a number of permanent and long-standing positions at a number of different institutions including the Pierce Anderson Lecturer in Creative Engineering at the Harvard School of Design, lecturer at the Architectural Association ,and Professor of Architectural Technology at KTH, Stockholm.

In 2008, Kara was appointed CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) commissioner, the first structural engineer to be appointed to this position. Kara is currently a member of CABE’s 2012 Olympic design review panel in London (3).

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February 1, 2011 at 7:29 pm

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