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Cantor, Irwin

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Spotlight: Irwin G. Cantor
Irwin Cantor graduated from the College of the City of New York in 1951 with a Bachelor’s in Civil engineering. After college, he worked with a prominent consulting firm in New York city. From then on , Cantor acted as the principle of several different Engineering Firms. He was Principal of Hertzberg & Cantor from 1960-1971. He acted as the CEO of the Office of Irwin G. Cantor from 1971 until 1992 when Cantor Seinuk was formed (WSP Cantor Seinuk since 2000). From 1992 to 1998 he served as CEO of that office. And from 1998 until the present, he has acted as the President of Irwin G. Cantor PE. Since 1994, Cantor has also been a member of the New York City Planning Commission (2).

Cantor has done an enormous amount of work in New York City, such as the Trump Tower and the Rockefeller Research Facility. Further, he has participated in a considerable amount of international projects, including the Chapultepec Towers in Mexico City. Currently he is working on projects in China and elsewhere (3).

For his work, Cantor has received numerous awards in Engineering. These include the Maurice Van Buren Award for Structural Engineering from the ACI and The Lifetime Achievement Award for Service from the AISC.

Selected Projects:

Trump Tower, New York City, New York

Rockefeller Research Center, New York City, New York

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