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Berger, Horst

Horst Berger
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Work History (1)
Wayss and Freitag – Member of Bridge and Special Structures Department (1955-1958)
F.H.Kocks – Headed the Structural Department (1958-1960)
Severud Associates (1960-1968; 1990-1994)
Geiger Berger Assoc. – Principal Consultant (1960-1983)
Horst Berger Partners – Principal Consultant (1983-1990)
De Nardis Engineering, LLC – Principal Consultant (1994- Current, January 2011)

Engineering Specialties:
Structural Engineering
Design Consultation
Feasibility & Schematic Studies
Pre-Fabricated Systems
Tensioned Membrane Structures
Long Span, Light Weight Structures
Concrete Structures
Steel Structures

Personal History

Horst Berger, the principal consultant of De Nardis Engineering, LLC is a structural engineer and designer who has been named as one of the top three structural engineers in the past 125 years by Engineering News Record. He gained international recognitions for his developments in incorporating lightweight fabric structures into permanent architectural designs. During the last twenty years, more than 40 projects have been built using his architectural technology in fabric engineering including the United Terminal at the Denver International Airport. Mr. Berger was listed as one of “The modern world’s structural engineers who have contributed substantially to architecture” by Architectural Record. (2)
Horst Berger was born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1928, and grew up in a very rural life that had not changed much since medieval times. While in high school , he was drafted to serve the Nazi Army as an anti-aircraft gunner in World War II. While in Manheim, Germany, he saw the city reduced to rubble by the Allied forces strategic bombing of the city. After the war had ended he went back home to Heidelberg and saw that the city had been had been decimated and struggled to find food. In 1946, he was able to complete high school and showed great aptitude in both math and writing. Upon graduation, he obtained a position as an apprentice automotive engineer at the Daimler Benz Auto Plant. Finding the automotive work not to his liking, after six months he was able to transfer to a bridge construction company that was replacing the destroyed main river bridge in Heidelberg. He immediately loved bridge work. In 1949, Mr. Berger applied for a program that granted a select few to come to an American college and come to school; he was selected and attended Iowa State College. He loved the freedom to travel while in America and visited as many places as he could while attending school. He returned to Germany following his stint in America and got a degree in civil engineering from Stuttgart University. (3)
Mr. Berger started his career in 1955 in the Bridge and Special Structures Department of Wayss and Freitag in Frankfurt, Germany, designing concrete bridges, shells, and domes. From 1958 to 1960 he headed the structural department of a large A/E office (F.H.Kocks) in Iran. In 1960 he joined Severud Associates in New York City. There he participated in the design of the St. Louis Arch, Madison Square Garden, the Marina City Towers in Chicago, and Toronto City Hall. As an associate he designed numerous structures including the Annenberg Tower of Mount Sinai Hospital, the University of Virginia Field House, the Hofstra University Bridge, and the Wesleyan University hockey rink. In 1968, Mr. Berger along with David Geiger formed Geiger Berger Assoc. and designed some of the most advanced projects of the period. In 1983, Mr. Berger formed Horst Berger Partners, and the team continued to work on developing numerous lightweight dome structures including retractable systems. Mr. Berger joined De Nardis Associates’ Light Structures division in 1994, which is now a unit of De Nardis Engineering, LLC. This reunited Mr. Berger with Joseph A. De Nardis, and other firm personnel, who started their careers at Geiger Berger Associates. (4)
Published the book, “Light Structures – Structures of Light” in June 2005. Buy It Here

Selected Projects

Denver International Airport – Denver Colorado – 1994

San Diego Convention Center – San Diego, California – 1990

Jay Street Tower – Brooklyn, New York, 2006

Sebonack G.C. – Club House – Southhampton, NY, 2006

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center For The Performing Arts – Woodlands, Texas, 1990,2009

King Fahd International Stadium – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1986

The Exibition Hall Enclosure of Canada Harbour Place – Vancouver, B.C. Canada, 1985

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