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Baum, Richard


Richard Baum
Richard Baum was an important contributor and namesake to internationally recognized engineering firm JB&B. He received his masters from Columbia and was a member of many organizations including the National Academy of Engineering, the Fellow of the American Consulting Engineers Council, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Air-Conditioning Engineers, and the American Society of Heating Refrigeration. (1) Additionally, he was awarded the Egleston Medal from Columbia School of Engineering. Richard Baum passed away in January 2005. (2)

Sears (Willis) Tower
Chicago, IL, USA

World Trade Center
New York, NY, USA

Bank of China Tower
Hong Kong, China

TWA Terminal at JFK Airport
New York, NY, USA

(1) Architectural Engineers of the 20th and 21st Century entry by Travis Riggs and Bryan Keene
(2) New York Times 2/1/2005

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