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Photo from JB&B

Main Office: 80 Pine Street, New York, New York 10005
Additional Office: 12 York Gate, London, England
Employees: About 190 in USA, 26 in England (1, 4)

Engineering Specialties (2)
-Fire Protection
-Information Technology
-Sustainable Design
-Building Management Systems
-Modeling and Advanced Technologies
-Master Planning Feasibility Analysis
-Property Condition Assessments

History of Firm
JB&B is a New York based firm named after its founders, Jaros, Baum, and Bolles. Founded in 1915, they most specialize in electrical and mechanical engineering and are most iconic for their work with large-scale, then-contemporary architecture from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. (2) These include the Lever Building, Seagram Building, Pan Am Building, TWA Terminal, World Trade Center, and Sears Tower. However, JB&B continues to be relevant with over 11,000 projects completed worldwide as of 2008. (3) Among these many projects, JB&B has built a wide-reaching resume of designs from offices, to laboratories, to hotels. They continue to expand their portfolio with current work on the Freedom Tower and other WTC Memorial sites. (2)

Selected Projects
Photo from renewNYC
Freedom Tower (Under Construction)
New York, NY, USA

Photo by Andrew Clem
New York Stock Exchange (Renovation)
New York, NY, USA

Photo from Wikipedia
MOMA (Expansion/Renovation)
New York, NY, USA

Photo from lensimpressions
Sears (Willis) Tower
Chicago, IL, USA

Additional Projects
Photo from Encyclopedia Britannica
World Trade Center
New York, NY, USA

Photo from LERA
Bank of China Tower
Hong Kong, China

Photo from NYC Architecture
Lever House
New York, NY, USA

Photo from NYC Architecture
TWA Terminal at JFK Airport
New York, NY, USA

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(3) Architectural Engineers of the 20th and 21st Century entry by Travis Riggs and Bryan Keene
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