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Weidlinger Associates

Name: Weidlinger Associate Inc.
Main Office: 201 Broadway, 4th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02139-1955
Additional Offices:
New York, US
Washington, DC, US
New Jersey, US
California, US
New Mexico, US
Glenrothes Fife Scotland, UK
Glasgow Scotland, UK

Engineering Specialties:
Forensic Engineering
Seismic Engineering
Wind Engineering
Thin-shell Structure
Life-extending Reconstruction
Energy Sustainability
Computational Structural Dynamics
Applied Science and Investigation

History of Firm:
Weidlinger Associates Inc. was founded by Paul Weidlinger in 1949 as Paul Weidlinger, a Consulting Engineering firm in Washington D.C. In 1951 their headquarters were moved to Manhattan, and in 1974 the name was changed to Weidlinger Associates Consulting Engineers. With a move to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1982 came the final name change to Weidlinger Associates Inc.
Early on, Paul Weidlinger made a name for himself in the fields of high-rise buildings and high-strength concrete. Additionally, an applied science division was launched by two Columbia College professors. In 1976, Herbert Rothman launched the transportation division. As Weidlinger expanded, Forensic, Seismic, and Wind Engineering received new emphasis in 2001. Joseph LoBuono joined the firm in 2003 as principal in charge of expanding Weidlinger’s pre-cast-concrete, long- span segmental bridge practice to the international arena. Nowadays, Weidlinger Associates Inc. is known for everything from innovative bridge design to hallmark infrastructure projects with wide spread specializations. It is committed to the continued growth of all Weidlinger’s lines of business, especially in the Western U.S., Europe, and Asia. More than 150 Weidlinger projects have received awards. Six of the principals have been honored by being elected to the National Academy of Engineers including Paul Weidlinger. (Research By – Fan Feng, Nicole Brischetto)

Selected Projects:

Harvard University, One Western Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, US

Rose Center for Earth and Space, New York, US

Class of 1959 Chapel, Boston, Massachusetts, US

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

TEDA International Convention Center Hotel, Tianjing, China

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